Terra Nova: Archery Badge

Like our parkour program, we were able to set up an out-of-the-library experience with our teens AND partner with a local institution (the Archery Custom Shop) to do an archery workshop. Guys, it was SO GREAT.


Not only did we attract a couple of totally new teens I’d never met before (one of whom actually came to the library today, hooray), but we got to do something active that was also super fun. One of our girls was incredibly skeptical about doing a program that had no food component, but by the time our hour was up we had to practically drag her away!


I’m sure I’ve said it before, but making the effort to get our teens into the community and thinking about the library as a gateway to other kinds of activities has just been so awesome. We’ve done some totally new stuff, and I’ve been learning new things about kids I see every day (one of our boys is super into archery, and could even tell our instructor his preferred draw weight; I was deeply impressed).

Unfortunately, our summer program is drawing to a close – our finale party is on Saturday (which I will have to miss, since I’ll be at GenCon learning about how to gamify the classroom/library). Less unfortunately, I have a whole crop of new stuff planned for the school year, including a Pathfinder RPG group, teen-managed anime/manga club, and the return of my book clubs. Also a whole month of fandom-related activities, but I’ll tell you more about those when they’re a little closer.


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