Terra Nova: Esthetician Badge

We were very lucky to be able to mine other library staff for their talent this week – for our “Mondays are food” program, we had one of our wonderful pages guest-host a program on making our own skincare products out of edible ingredients (Franki has a small business she’s setting up and as soon as her Etsy store goes live I will post the link here).


We made a foot scrub, a face scrub, and a face mask, all mostly out of stuff you can find in the kitchen. I was impressed by how many of our participants were boys; I’m never a fan of gendering programs, but this one admittedly could have been seen as “girly;” however, as you can see from the photo, our guys were just as willing to mix up coconut oil and sea salt as our girls.


I don’t know, guys. It’s gonna be hard going back to the way things typically are once school is in session. We’ve been able to seriously diversify the teens that come to our programs; I’ve gotten to meet a bunch of kids who we just don’t see during the school year. Part of that is not being in school means there’s no homework or other extracurricular activities, of course, but it’s also the product of the fact that the culture in our teen room can be kind of unwelcome to newcomers (more on this later, probably). I know my supervisor and I are hoping to be able to carry over the way things have felt into the new year, and hopefully get things started off on the right foot.


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