Terra Nova: Traceur Badge

I’ve been a teen librarian for…three months now, so I am still EXTREMELY new to this job. However, due to my excellent managers, I’ve been able to jump into this job headfirst, and have been able to try all sorts of new things with lots of support and encouragement.  This past Wednesday was the first full-length program that was my idea and execution from start to finish, and it went really, really well!

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Some of our goals for our summer program were to get teens out of the library and into the community, and to incorporate more physically active programs into our schedule.  With that in mind, and thinking about the success of a past capoiera self-defense program, I looked into parkour instructors and studios in the area that might be able to come in for a parkour event.  I discovered the wonderful people at FlipSide Academy, a local parkour gym that teaches classes and (it turns out) will send instructors to your event.

The turn-out wasn’t QUITE what I was hoping for (we got five teens) but, as you can see from the photos, we had an absolute blast. The teens were champions, committing to everything and going through an hour of different parkour basics.  The only change I would have made was to have some Gatorade or bottled water for the athletes afterward – it was hot and we all got a little sweaty!


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