Terra Nova: Horticulture Badge

For day two of our programming, continuing the Dawn of a New World theme, we made terrariums. I was in charge of getting supplies, since I know my way around a craft store, so I went to Michael’s and was kinda dismayed by how fast my $20 went – in the future I will start somewhere a little less primo, although the stuff I got at Michael’s ended up being totally satisfactory.11014622_881117621961738_3347979416073012853_n

I picked up two colors of sand, a plastic flower sprig that we cut into pieces, a packet of shells, and a package of different kinds and colors of moss. We used mason jars that were surplus from another youth program happening later this summer (I wish we’d been able to get jars that didn’t have a pattern on the side, but it was a small thing.)

1508546_881115455295288_7578601513699422724_nSo far our programs have a very pop-up feeling – we go into the teen room, set up on a table, and let the kids have at it with very little guidance. It’s definitely working well so far, we’ve attracted some unexpected participants and it lets them flex their creative muscles because it’s such an non-restrictive and flexible format.

Granted, not all of our programs will be this unformatted; next Monday our food-based program is Petrifying Protein (eating bugs). I’m really getting to understand that flexibility is the most important skill a teen librarian can have, and I think I’m doing pretty well so far.


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