Terra Nova: Herbivore Badge

unnamedWe kicked off our teen summer reading program last Friday with a Big Bang Party, and today was the official start to our programming!  I’m really excited about SRP this year because our program encompasses SO much more than just reading (not that reading isn’t important!).  The title of the summer is Terra Nova: Create Your Own World, and our programs are focused on useful skills, physical activity, getting teens out and involved in the community, and exercising the creative muscles in their brains. It’s also going to be badge-based, with participants being able to earn badges for every program they attend (teens can also earn badges for reading, writing, and doing other creative activities outside of the library).  You can see to the left the badges we’ve given out so far – the Terra Nova badge, which everyone gets; the Terraformer badge, for coming to the kick-off party; and the Herbivore badge, which we earned today.

Our weeks are organized by the stages a world/civilization goes through while it develops; this first week is themed Dawn of a New World, and our Herbivore program was all about making delicious snacks with raw foods. Not only did we get teens to voluntarily eat hummus and bell pepper wraps, but I got a bunch to toss some kale into their smoothies for extra health benefits.

11108521_880597788680388_870923259754471674_nTeens making healthy smoothies and snack wraps

Mondays will be food programs, Tuesdays will be crafting programs, Wednesdays are movie nights, Thursdays are going to be physical activities (we’ve got parkour and archery teachers coming, which is SUPER exciting – especially for me, since I set up the parkour instructor with a local parkour gym), and on Fridays we’re starting an extended community activity where we’ll be turning an underpass wall into community artwork.  We’re doing some amazing things this summer and I’ll be sure to keep you updated!


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