Favorite Ladies of Comics

Quick note for you guys today – I’m doing a thing on my tumblr where every day I post a little photoset and a quote from one of my favorite ladies in comics.  So far, we have Barbara Gordon and Kamala Khan, but I’ll be highlighting women from all over the comicsphere.  If I showcase your favorite, fav or reblog the post because at some point I’m going to total up the notes and see who the faves are!

These ladies are not ranked!  I’m posting them in whatever order pleases me.  Here’s why I started with the amazing women that I did:

Barbara Gordon: It is fair to say that I’m as invested in the comic scene as I am right now because of Gail Simone’s run on the New 52 Batgirl.  I’ve dabbled in comics my whole life, always loved reading them, but following Simone on social media and reading Batgirl on the regular is what got me invested in having a pull list, keeping track of releases, searching out new books, and really getting invested in the characters.  So why Babs?  Because she’s brilliant, beautiful, and has a deep sense of joy that I think is lacking in a lot of DC books (this is getting better!).  Simone wrote her with a sense of humor, which I loved, and a need to help people while also being protective of her own needs that you don’t see a lot with superheroes.  Going back to Babs pre-New 52, she just gets better – as Oracle, she’s whip-smart, resourceful, and her friendships with the other women on the Birds of Prey team are just FANTASTIC.  Plus, Barbara was a librarian for a while!

Kamala Khan: Kamalaaaaaaaaa.  She’s a character I’m only capable of talking about with excessive letters or exclamation points.  Aside from the fact that she’s completely ground-breaking (a Muslim teenager!), Kamala is everything I love about well-written teen characters: sassy, resilient, totally in over her head but capable of developing the tools she needs to rescue herself and everyone around her.  I love that she’s the complete opposite of this mythological “token” character – she’s not only Muslim, but it matters that her family is Muslim.  It matters to her character, and her development.  Her family is wonderful, and none of her parents are dead, and she has no real tragedy in her life (yet); she’s Ms. Marvel because this weird thing happened to her, and she’s a good person so she wants to help people.  She’s a fangirl, she’s excitable (SHE WRITES X-MEN FANFICTION), she acts like a real teen girl with agency and she’s constantly growing and getting better.  I love Kamala so much.

Tune in to my tumblr tomorrow to see who’s next!


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