Comics and Things

I haven’t updated in a while because things at the library have been super busy, and I’ve been right in the middle of the action.  Things I’ve been doing with my time:

– I started a comic-book based discussion group for the teens, and the first meeting went well.  I learned some stuff that will improve our meetings going forward, like to have more targeted questions prepared to keep us on track.  I also want to start incorporating video clips into our discussions, because I think comparing the way heroes are handled in cartoons, movies, and comics has a lot of potential for exploration.

We got a lot of the “If X fought Y, who would win?” conversation out of the way, which was good – I want to see if we can get into meatier discussion topics, and I think that will be easier with that kind of groundwork already laid.

– I made a booklist brochure for the graphic novel sections, basically promoting the crap out of it because I’m ordering a lot of new things that are really exciting (to me, anyway).  I want to make sure the section gets used, and unfortunately, most of our teens aren’t always the most…literate, I guess.  So my thought was, if I highlighted some topics and genres of interest (romance, sports, horror, etc.) it would make the section as a whole more accessible.

– Summer reading starts soon, and every librarian knows that can be a HUGE amount of work.  I’ve been trying to make myself an indispensable employee by volunteering for everything, and it’s paying off in a huge way – our public relations manager asked if I would help her put together a community scavenger hunt (which is going great, I put together a prototype passport and we have six businesses already who are interested in helping us out).  I’ve been keeping things on track getting the supplementary materials together and just generally have my hands in everything.  It’s a great feeling be such a big part of things.


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