Exciting Things!


So my supervisor told me I was doing such a great job with my non-fiction section that she turned over the YA graphic novel section to my control which is basically all I have ever wanted in life.  The section hasn’t really been taken care of for a WHILE, and it shows – many, many of the books need to be replaced simply because they’ve been read over and over and over again.  We also have a bunch of single and random volumes from series that we received in donations, that are never checked out because of lack of interest of lack of availability for the rest of the series.

My first step is, like before, to do some serious weeding.  Manga and graphic novels go in and out of style pretty regularly; the first thing I’ve been doing is checking some of our older series to see if people are still reading them (series weeded due to this: Negima!, Oh My Goddess, No Need for Tenchi, Inu Yasha).  The second thing is finding the series that ARE being read, but that need holes filled in (Rebirth, Crescent Moon, Alice in the Country of Hearts).  Third, I’ve been ordering replacements for series that are so well read we have books just falling apart (Naruto, Bleach, Death Note).

I’m still working through those things.  But what I am also doing is identifying huge holes in our collection – the most egregious being, I think, the lack of traditional superhero titles.  The last person who was in charge of the GN section was a manga guy, which is fine – but it means we don’t currently have ANY New 52 titles, and our Marvel collection is pretty much limited to some Spider-Man, Thor and Iron Man.

WHICH BRINGS ME TO THE MOST EXCITING PART OF ALL OF THIS.  My boss gave me the go-ahead to set up a meeting with our local comic shop, so we can create a pull list for some trade paperback titles.  I get pretty much full autonomy in what we order, as long as I don’t go over budget (which is not a problem, it’s a big budget).  I’ve already got some titles in mind that I know I want to add (Batgirl, Swamp Thing, Uncanny X-Men, Hawkeye, Unwritten) and I’m looking forward to hearing what the guy at the store has to add based on what he sees teens buying.

Basically I am super excited that my boss trusts me this much.  What titles do you stock in your graphic novels?  What do you consider quintessential to your collection?


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