Storytime Development

I floated the idea of incorporating guided read-alongs into my storytimes – basically, the idea is that every baby would get their own copy of the same board book, so they could interact with it and follow along with their caretaker while I read it outloud – and my boss LOVED it. Not only did I get a mega confidence boost from that (plus, I just love how my boss is not only super accepting of our ideas and input, but actively encourages us to contribute), but I get to pick out and order books, which is quickly becoming my favorite part of my job. There’s something so exciting about being trusted to handle library resources, and to know that I’m having an impact on the library’s collection, which will have an impact on how our patrons interact with the collection and with us. That’s pretty thrilling to me.

What are your favorite board books to read out loud? Do you have any tried and true favorites in your own collections? I’m thinking we should get a counting book, an animal book, and a family-oriented book, but I’m still combing through title lists. Any recommendations?


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