Robot Storytime

The head of youth services at my library has been letting me put together mini displays on some free counter space – I set one up for Chinese New Year, and I’m both pleased and surprised with how well the display has been used! I’ve mentioned here before that my theory is you can never have too many displays, because people will use what they can see, and I think this has been proof positive of that. My next one, which will go up beginning next week, will be on the Winter Olympics (we’ve already got a bunch of great stuff out for Black History Month and Valentine’s Day).

I don’t have anything new to report on my storytime, because I haven’t had one in a couple of weeks – it’s been way too cold! I don’t blame parents for not wanting to bring their babies out into this awful, awful weather, but I’m a little sad that I haven’t seen my kids in a while. I will say that this week was my theme week in the storytime schedule, and my robot books have been going over very well. There are some SUPER cute ones I found in our collection. Some of my favorites:

Doug Unplugged
an Yaccarino


A pretty fabulous story about a little boy robot who decides to “unplug” from his usual information download and go out into the world to learn by experience. Dan Yaccarino includes some great, unconventional illustrations that follow Doug around the city, and the simple color palette makes the bright yellow Doug really pop out.

Boy + Bot
Ame Dyckman


Reminiscent of a simplified Iron Giant. Boy + Bot tells the story of two friends who don’t quite understand how the other one works – when Bot powers down, Boy thinks he’s sick but can’t make him better. When Bot powers back up and Boy is asleep, he doesn’t know how to fix Boy! The mix of simplicity and sweetness make this friendship fable a great readaloud for most ages, and the humor takes it to the next level of quality.

Robot Zot!
Jon Scieszka

Who DOESN’T love a wannabe robot overlord? The repetition and fairly simple word choice make this more sophisticated story accessible to younger kids – this story is FUNNY, you guys. Robot Zot plans to conquer Earth, even though…he is only three inches tall. Watching him wreak havoc on the suburban kitchen he lands in is hilarious, but even better is when he falls in love with a pink princess cell phone and decides he’d rather be a hero.


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