Planning a Con

Last week was my official first storytime of the new session (we missed the week before because of the cold). Important things I learned:

– Putting two clapping rhymes next to each other is actually a bad idea.
– Don’t start at 5 for counting rhymes, it’s too many for babies. Start at 3.

In other library news, my library put on its Comic Con (we called it MiniCon) and, even though I didn’t work the day it was held, I stopped by to see how things were going and it sounds like it went great! I’m going to speak to my manager about being a bigger part of that next year, because I a.) am a huge nerd, b.) have experience planning conventions (it was a while ago, but I was the con chairperson for my high school science fiction & fantasy club one year), and c.) am addicted to planning things.

I’ve had a couple of ideas already, and the first thing that struck me when I saw how it was set up was that my ideas might be bigger than our library! Not that we should ever be afraid to plan big for our programs, but we ARE a smaller library, both in terms of village size and building size. It doesn’t make sense to ask a local gaming store if they want to set up free- or tournament-play for a game when we literally don’t have anywhere to put them!

On the other hand, I DO think we could put on more in the way of events – we had an author and an artist both come in, and I think we’d have the space to do some panel-adjacent activities if they’d be interested. We also had reps from comic stores, and while we don’t have the space for a lot of gaming events, we could totally do some demos or smaller organized play.

Have any of my readers hosted something like this with limited space? How did that effect your planning process, and how did you maximize what you had available?


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