Genre Championship Round!

We’re getting closer to the end! This round is going to determine our Genre Champions and the Final Four – are you ready to get your vote on?


The Golden Compass and The Hobbit have been strong frontrunners for the whole race. Now these two giants square off – who will win, daemons or dwarves? Polar bears or wizards? Both books are rich with adventure and excitement, beautiful prose and memorable characters. I don’t know about you, but this is one choice I’m going to spend some time on.

Science Fiction

While A Wrinkle in Time has been no slouch in this competition, I’m not sure what its chances are against a book that has won every poll so decisively there haven’t even BEEN any votes for its competitors. Ender’s Game has dominated this genre for sure, but I’m not willing to totally rule out L’Engle’s ode to the time/space continuum.

Realistic Fiction

In the Entertainment Weekly poll that inspired this series, John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars was the runner up in the final round. Here, it lost by just one vote to Speak, the harrowing tale of teenage rape and victim blaming. Now, Speak squares off against another book that lost by a single vote, the sweet, emotional, and harrowing in its own way newcomer to the YA scene, Eleanor & Park.


Both of these polls sat at a tie for a long time until just recently – Treasure Island, a bit of a surprise for me, finally edged out over Code Name Verity while Persepolis triumphed over The Witch of Blackbird Pond. Now, pirates combat Marjane Satrapi’s black-and-white memoir in their own head to head of survival tales.


2 thoughts on “Genre Championship Round!

  1. This is the problem with the genre-based format- every book in the Fantasy and SF categories would roll the other four books without breaking a sweat. If the next round is Ender vs. Golden Compass (which it will be, since my sister will stop at nothing to keep me from cheating the Hobbit to a win), then we’ll know that was the real final, and whatever Ender rolls in the last round will be a joke. (And then someone should probably tell Ender that this is the real voting, and not just a training simulation.)

    • I’m not sure it makes sense to not do genre categories, though – I feel like at least the first rounds should be books against things that thematically make sense to compare them to. Obviously, the objective nature of the contest as a whole makes it imperfect, but I did what I thought was best. And honestly, Ender winning everything isn’t a bad or inaccurate result – that book is amazing. I’m sure that any number of the books that have shown up in these polls could have taken the top slot under different circumstances, with different voters, or different moods while voting. I just thought it would be a fun exercise.

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