Sweet Sixteen

I’M THE WORST. I’m sorry this is so late! I’m glad the polls accidentally got a few extra days to run, though, because there were more ties than I anticipated – many of these scraped by with one extra vote.

Here’s your Sweet Sixteen!

Fantasy Finalists

Science Fiction Finalists

Realistic Fiction Finalists

Historical/Non-Fiction Finalists

I’m starting to feel like our frontrunners are emerging – The Golden Compass, Coraline, Ender’s Game, Leviathan, and The Fault in Our Stars might be the titles to bet on, as they steamrolled their competition pretty thoroughly. I’m particularly interested to see who makes it out of the Historical/Non Fiction bracket, since those votes were SO close there doesn’t seem to be any obvious favorite. But who knows? These polls will close next Thursday, so get your votes in soon!

Reading: Every Day, by David Levithan. I just finished Ten Things We Did (And Probably Shouldn’t Have) by Sarah Mlynowski, which was kind of like a more grown-up version of Judy Bloom’s Forever (with more storylines going on). I enjoyed it a lot. I’m having mixed feelings about Every Day, which is trying SUPER HARD for an emotional connection I am just not feeling (which is actually stupendously meta, if you’ve read the book). On the other hand, Levithan has got his portrayals of teenagers down to a science, and it’s definitely an interesting read.

Watching: The X-Files! I watched a lot of The X-Files when it was airing, but since I was pretty young at the time my parents made me stop. As a consequence, I’ve seen most of the show, but not all – so I’m rewatching everything from the beginning. It’s pretty much one of the best shows that’s ever aired, and what I did see as a kid was very influential to my interests, so I’m enjoying seeing everything (and discovering the episodes I never saw).


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