Establishing Presence

First thing’s first: I saw Ender’s Game, and while I stand by my earlier statements regarding seeing the film versus not, I was extraordinarily disappointed in it. I’ve got a review up over here if you’re interested in more detail.

I spent a long time this week working on an entry about how I need to establish a presence in the library, and how that might help in attracting more kids to my storytimes and also establish with the teens that I am actually an authority figure, despite being the newest person at the library and also really short – but the whole thing just ended up sounding SUPER whiny and also really obvious. So. TL;DR, establishing presence in the library as a librarian is important!

Here’s what we read this Tuesday:

Wolf Won’t Bite, by Emily Gravett
Fall Is Not Easy, by Marty Kelly

Wolf Won’t Bite may  have been a little old for my regular, but it’s got fun pictures that are pretty silly to look at so it got some laughs.  And because I only  had two, I sat on the floor for Fall Is Not Easy, which is a smaller book, so that everyone could get a better look at the illustrations.

I’m brainstorming with my supervisor and the head of our PR department about how we can increase attendance to the lapsit storytime; one thing we’re going to start doing for the next programming quarter is advertising in pediatricians’ offices, which I hadn’t thought of but is totally obvious. So apart from the website and quarterly newsletter, my homework is to come up with other ways to get the word out.


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